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Spreadsheet Solutions

We build spreadsheets to provide quick and easily operated solutions to both daily routine and more complicated tasks. Operating instructions in everyday English are provided and/or working tutorials, as required. They can be run from disk or loaded onto your machine and saved as a template in order for you to re-use them time and time again.

We build them using MS Excel® as the application software on Windows operating software to allow for flexibility of usage on user's computers.

SPECIAL - For those who prefer to build their own spreadsheet systems, Chris Bales and James Thorne have prepared a self-study tutorial package providing an introduction to macro writing for programming Microsoft Excel. Click on this line to read more about this popular training package and how to get your own copy.

 An example of the systems we have built -

 Fixed Asset Registers/Plant Ledgers, which include, for each individual asset: - identification number, date of acquisition, asset description, asset depreciation rate, details of period starting balances of cost and also of depreciation and written down value, additions, disposals, depreciation calculations on either the reducing value or straight line method, accounting entries arising from disposals, together with period end balances of cost, accumulated depreciation and written down value. Totals of each figure column are included together with automatic arithmetical proof checks. For an annual calculation of depreciation, layouts are designed to fit each individual asset on one line across one page width of A4 landscape paper with up to 35 lines per page. A complete Fixed Asset Register/Plant Ledger of, for instance, 500 items would therefore fit within 15 pages of A4 paper, printed single sided only, or 8 pages if you can print them in duplex mode. Click on this line for a picture of a monitor onscreen view showing part of a page at 800 x 600 resolution, then use your back button to return to this page (this is an illustration picture that is best viewed at 100% size and best printed in landscape, fit to page, mode on A4 paper). For subsidiary period purposes (e.g. management accounting), a linked page, showing the data for each individual sub-period, is usually used in order that the annual summary format remains the same, or, alternatively, we can use other methods. If more detailed information is required for some or all of the assets, another linked page can be used to records the data (e.g. serial number, specification, supplier, suppliers and individual costs where an asset is made up of several bought-in components, own labour cost, own workshop cost etc).

Using a spreadsheet solution avoids problems sometimes associated with database programs (e.g. when moving forward to succeeding periods). It also means that the Fixed Asset Register/Plant Ledger can be continued over succeeding periods without limit. Asset records should be maintained in order to comply with UK taxation legislation and are a requirement of UK Company legislation. Practising accountants could add their own practice name on printouts and send them to clients as the formats are designed with the non-technical reader in mind.

Feedback message from a customer who found us in a web search -

The register is already proving very successful for us and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick response to our requirements. Many thanks.


Financial Director


This is just one example of the many spreadsheet based solutions that we have built. It would prove extremely useful to practising accountants and others involved with the production of both annual and periodic management accounts for any size of business. It would quickly repay the initial expenditure by time saved and also provide quality comprehensive working papers. This system would also facilitate easier forward projection of both accounting results and Balance Sheets for purposes such as forward planning and finance raising.

Please note that we do not generally recommend the use of spreadsheet formats for complete accounting systems as there are good computerised accounting systems available on the market ranging in price from around 30 Pounds Sterling upwards, partially depending on the facilities included. Proper organisation, planning and assessment of needs is, in all cases, a pre-requisite of any computerised accounting system, irrespective of the size of business, and we should be pleased to assist in this area for small to medium sized businesses. Chris Bales is a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisors Programme and can provide assistance with both QuickBooks® accounting software, including the QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Accountant versions and QuickBooks® Payroll.

Please contact Chris Bales for further information.

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